*~*~*~My Poems~*~*~*

(C)2010 Lucy E. Zahnle

Lucy E. Zahnle

Had I the sky in my outstretched palm
Along with the mountains and the sea;
Had I the power the wind to calm,
I would be naught without thee.
If I owned the Garden of Earthly Delights,
If sweet Eden belonged to me,
I would relinquish, son, my lordly rights
To preserve and strengthen thee,
For thou art my hope, my pride, my joy
And all I am, I am in thee, my boy.

The Last Dance
Lucy E. Zahnle

A dancing dreamer!
Joyous soul!
Bright scarves spinning,
Red, green, gold.
Copper curls shimmer!
A dancing dreamer!

A dreaming dancer!
Beloved heart!
Teacher of Laughter,
Grace and Art.
Life's romancer!
A dreaming dancer!

A dancer dreaming!
A lady fay
Asleep on Earth,
You dance away
Beyond the welkin;
Beyond our gleaning,
A dancer dreaming!

Love Is Not
Lucy E. Zahnle

A child, unwanted, sits on the stair,
Hungry, ragged and alone
While Mother's lover haunts his lair,
For love is not where love's unknown.

The wealthy pair in the hilltop mansion,
Slightly acquainted, their hearts cold stone,
Wedded for riches and for fashion.
Love is not where love's unknown.

The lady on the corner stands,
Offering her body to men on loan.
Her parasite pimp with pain commands
And love is not where love's unknown.

Alley cat creeps through the dark in fear
Of vicious children, sharp rocks thrown.
Alley cat knows no kindness near.
Love is not where love's unknown.

Love is learned as living's done.
Experience missed. Idea's not grown.
Hearts, lacking warmth, turn frozen stone
And love is not where love's unknown

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