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The author, Lucy Zahnle, with her beloved husband, Vince, circa 1980.
The author, Lucy Zahnle, with her beloved husband, Vince, at a Halloween party
circa 1980.

Growing up in Indiana,Lucy Zahnle wrote her first poem at age six, her first short story at nine, and her first novel at fourteen. "When I was very young," Lucy says, "I wrote to show off for the teachers. My parents divorced when I was fourteen and writing suddenly became my outlet for all the anger, grief, and fear that family upheaval engenders. It was good therapy and I must have needed a great deal of it because I wrote about three thousand handwritten pages during my teen years."

Lucy met and married her husband, attorney Vince Zahnle, while getting her bachelor's degree in English at Indiana University-Bloomington. After college, Lucy moved with Vince as he followed a career of military and federal service from Indiana to Tennessee, Iowa, Virginia, Georgia, New Jersey, and Missouri.

Heavily involved in historical re-enactment, she and Vince run a small business, The Vault of Valhalla, out of their home. They sell Viking, Celtic, and Medieval jewelry, which Vince designs, handsculpts and handcasts. If you live in the midwestern U.S., you may have see her and her beautiful wares at many Renaissance Faires and private re-enactments. You may also view the Vault's wares on line at

"My life has been blessed with a loving husband and four beautiful children," Lucy says, "so between my family, my home business, and my writing, I'm always hoppin' and I wouldn't have it any other way. When I'm feeling overwhelmed by everything else in my life, I turn to my refuge... My writing."

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