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My History/Re-enactment Articles
Poem - Waiting for Him

Poem - Ghosts from the Past

Poem - Goodbye is Never Easy

Poem - A Lack of Love

Sonnet - Give and Take

Sonnet - My Son

Poem - Writing Poetry My Way

Poem - Child's Play

Poem - Dancer

Poem - Waiting

Poem - Feathers

Short Story: Tales of Terror - On the Death of my Father

Short Story: Eerie Tales - Dogs in Moonlight

Short Story: Creepy Tales - The Good Mother
(This one's a little gory!)

Short Story: Alcoholism - Vignette: The Museum of Misery

Short Story: A Hiccup in Time

Memoir: Finding the Perfect Match

How to Sew Your Own Canvas Tent or Shelter

The History of the English Language


What is the Stone of Destiny?

Medieval Food History: Bread

The Role of Spices in Human History:
Concerning the Medieval Meal

The Origin and Short History of Pirates

Jewelry Through the Ages

Historical Facts About London as a City

The Society for Creative Anachronism

Life in the Society for Creative Anachronism

What the SCA is to me

The History of Coffee - Medieval Islamic coffeehouses

Hernan Cortes, the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire,
and La Malinche

Medieval Toilets: When You Gotta Go...

Celebrating the New Year Throughout History

The Legend of Lady Godiva

My Writing Articles
My Other Articles
How to Write a Basic Five Paragraph Essay

The Importance of the Opening Paragraph in an Essay

Writing Tips: How to Write a Good Essay Conclusion

Essay Writing Tips

How to Write an Outline for an Article

Trimming an Overlong Manuscript

Fiction Writing: Using Punctuation to
Show A Character's Emotions

How to Avoid Verbosity in Your Writing

College Tips: How to Properly Cite Sources
in Your Research Paper

Fiction Writing: How to Use Attribution Tags
to Control Rhythm and Pace in Dialogue

Fiction Writing: How to Use Attribution Tags
to Control Rhythm and Pace in Dialogue

Fiction Writing: The Role of Punctuation

Writing Tips: The Differences Between Direct and
Indirect Quotes

The Importance of Selecting and Setting
the Tone in Fiction

Different Types of Meaning of Adverb Phrases in English

The Role of Major Characters in Fiction

The Role of Minor Characters in Fiction

What to Do When You've Written Yourself into a Corner

Writing essays: Editing Your Work

Writing Tips for Young Writers

Tips for Online Students

How to Show Respect to Our Children

Book Review of "Hooked: Write Fiction
That Grabs Readers at Page One
and Never Lets Them Go" by Les Edgerton

Symbols of Good Luck from Past and Present

Love Token Traditions from Across the Globe

A Paean to Chocolate

Conservation: Living with History

Pros and Cons of Writing for Helium

Muses and their Fickle Tendencies

Why Write an Ebook?

How to Leave Them Happy When You Quit Your Job

Facts About the State Flag of Iowa

Why Fiction Writers Should Also Write Non-fiction

Song Lyric Analysis: Postcolonialism in the Irish Rebellion Folksong
"A Nation Once Again," by Thomas Osborne Davis

Literary Analysis: Comparing the Poetry of
William Wordsworth and Emily Dickinson

Literary Analysis: Killing the Bear by Judith Minty

Best Websites for Learning High School or English composition

Ways Online Instructors Can Guide Their Students to Academic Success

My Recipe Articles
German Food Recipes: Kasespaetzle

German Food Recipes: Schaschlikspiesse

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