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The Best in medieval Celtic, Norse, and Anglo-Saxon jewelry

Although I have merchanted sporadically at SCA events since I joined in 1978, The Vault of Valhalla , my business, was 'born' in November of 1996 in Mount Holly, NJ under the name, 'Primrose Path'. At the time, I offered only costume jewelry, knick-knacks and a few hand sewn items. About a year later, my husband, Vince, started casting medieval jewelry based on research and designs found in Viking, Anglo-Saxon and Celtic archeological digs.

This jewelry was completely different from anything I had ever offered before. It was beautiful and unique and... expensive! When I set it out at my first event, people commented on it and admired it, but they didn't buy. I had the same experience at the second and third events, but my optimistic husband just made more jewelry. At the fourth event, we made a sale and we were off. Each successive event saw more pieces sold and a more confident gleam in my eye.

I had been merchanting in New Jersey for five years and had built up a nice little clientele when Vince landed a new attorney position at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. I had no choice but to close up shop, kiss my clientele good-bye (Boy, did that take a long time! OK, OK, they were figurative kisses!) and follow the drum to Missouri.

Vince and I set up a new business almost immediately, calling it 'The Vault of Valhalla' to better focus on our handcrafted jewelry. After nearly a year, I am beginning to see a few loyal repeat customers in our new home state. We went live with our on-line website at in December of 1999 and it has also thrived.

If you would like to browse our wares or read more about Vikings and their adornment, please click on the Vault of Valhalla banner below.

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